Biosecurity Game Changers Fellowship – PH 330

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Fellowship Goals and Objectives

Next generation health security leaders, who will be making future decisions about globally impactful biological threats and pandemic risks, must be globally networked and highly capable of envisioning, preparing for, and preventing worst case biological scenarios. Through the Biosecurity Game Changers Fellowship, we seek to develop a new network of early and mid-career biosecurity leaders and to fundamentally change how they are trained. Beginning in the United States and in Africa, we ultimately aim to forge a global network of next generation biosecurity decision-makers. The initiative will include a fellowship opportunity rooted in operational experience, implemented in parallel with a series of targeted workshops, in which fellows and other early-to-mid career biosecurity professionals will participate.

The Biosecurity Game Changers fellowship seeks to provide next generation decision-makers with the skills and abilities to:

  • Quickly assess emerging biological risk scenarios and identify actions to prevent, detect, and respond more quickly.
  • Deeply understand different types of emerging biological risks (e.g., naturally occurring outbreaks, laboratory accidents, deliberate biological weapons use.)
  • Take recommendations and put them into action in governmental and non-governmental contexts, nationally and internationally.
  • Develop and pitch options and solutions to senior leaders.
  • Complete an impactful project focused on prevention and preparedness for worst case scenarios – in partnership with leading global institutions focused on biosecurity, biosafety, and/or pandemic preparedness and response.

Fellowship Criteria and Selection Process

  • Selections: In 2024, up to 10 fellows will be selected
  • Expectations: Each fellow will be expected to work up to 50% time, negotiated with the fellows’ home academic institution and/or employer. The fellowship is not a full-time opportunity, rather, it is intended to provide an in-depth experience for fellows as part of an operational project team.
  • Partner Institutions: Each fellow’s project will be conducted in collaboration with a partner institution. The project will be focused on a specific aspect (see below) of improving biosecurity, biosafety, and/or pandemic preparedness and response.
  • Mentorship: Fellows will receive mentorship from faculty and staff at the Brown Pandemic Center, as well as the partner institution in which the fellow is placed.
  • Stipend and Travel Support: Travel funding and a stipend will be provided for each selected fellow, with support between $20,000 (USD) and $30,000 (USD). Fellows will be expected to travel to attend two workshops per year, as well as the potential for visits to their partner institutions, to be discussed among the fellow and their placement host.


This fellowship is currently open to early to mid-career professionals in Africa and the United States. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to the commitment of the Pandemic Center and University. Accordingly, the Pandemic Center seeks qualified candidates who can contribute to equity, diversity and inclusion through service, mentorship, teaching, and scholarship.

Recommended Qualifications:

  • Applicants must have graduated from an undergraduate institution.
  • Have at least 5 years of post-baccalaureate training or professional experience in a field related to health security.
  • Applications must be able to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the first workshop, to be hosted the first week of September 2024. Travel funding will be provided.

Application Instructions
Applicants should submit the following materials on Interfolio by no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern) on May 29, 2024:

  • A Curriculum Vitae (or Resume)
  • A Letter of Intent, including a Personal Statement of no more than 800 words outlining:
    • Your interest and qualifications for the fellowship
    • Why you think biosecurity and pandemic decision-making, and associated training, needs to change
    • Your top two choices of the three focus areas and organizational placements listed above, how you would benefit from the described project, what you would contribute, and why you want to work with the listed partner institution to accomplish the project goals
    • How the fellowship will help your career goals toward becoming a leader in pandemic decision-making
    • How you will use the opportunity to help build a more explicit network of next generation biosecurity decision-makers
  • Three Letters of Recommendation from references that can speak to your experience and qualifications for this fellowship opportunity. Letter of reference should include the following:
    • Time that you have known the candidate and in what capacity
    • Unique and specific qualifications for this opportunity
    • Ability to perform in a professional environment such as those outlined in this announcement
    • Communication skills, including writing and oral

At least one of the references should include a statement from your employer or academic institution (if relevant) supporting your use of up to 50% time to participate in and travel for the Biosecurity Game Changers program.

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