Graduate Research Assistant for PCORI Project

Website Brown University School of Public Health Office of Finance and Administration

Job Description:

This project supports research to better understand the health and social benefits that homebound
adults experience from receiving meals through Meals on Wheels America. We will be comparing the
benefits of traditional home delivered meals to alternate methods of frozen meal delivery through the
mail. By studying participants who receive these two options, we will better understand how they are
different and similar.

This student will contribute to the quantitative analysis and administrative data management needs of
this research. The student will also have responsibility for documenting all steps taken to prepare the
data, which may include the creation of a codebook, analysis plan, and documenting any related syntax.
The student will have a role in training others on the project team to replicate their work including the
creation of instructional guides and recorded sessions. Over the coming year, we have an ongoing need
to merge and clean data files, impute missing data, run statistics for interim reporting and write papers.
The student will work under the direction and supervision of the Statistician serving as key personnel on
the project. The student may contribute to the preparation of manuscripts that utilize these analyses.



  • Student has completed relevant coursework in computer science, statistics and/or mathematics
  • Student has experience working with R andor performing missing data imputation
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Professional reference from a faculty member serving as key personnel on the PCORI project
  • Ability to communicate clearly by email, Zoom and phone
  • Ability to break down complex transactions into elementary tasks
  • Knowledge of the techniques for manipulating data fields for statistical analysis
  • Knowledge of best practices for data management and archiving
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

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