Research Assistant (Khanna)

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Job Description:

The RA will work as a computer programmer on a team that is developing agent-based simulation models, incorporating fine-grained biological and behavioral structure and social network parameters to inform decision making for health policy in the realm of incarceration, substance use, and chronic disease.

The position is under the direct supervision of Aditya Khanna, Ph.D.

Job responsibilities:

Writing computer programs in R and Python to maintain and test an agent-based model, simulate data from the model, analyze and present the data, and help with manuscript writing. The project will deploy high-performance computing resources maintained by the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) at Brown University. Scientific results from the modeling studies will be published in peer-reviewed journals and disseminated across governmental and community-based organizations.

Job qualifications:

Experience (required): Proficiency in either R or Python, and use of a version control system (e.g. Git). Evidence of having developed test and requirements driven, modular code (e.g., GitHub repository). Some formal training in statistical methods is a plus. Prior experience on Unix-like systems is a plus.

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