Student Research Assistant (Metrik-10)

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Job Description:

The research assistant will assist in conducting recruitment and data collection for studies conducted with adults who use cannabis and alcohol. Studies range from human laboratory studies to data collected in the natural environment. Data collection includes daily surveys completed on participants’ smartphones, breath and saliva samples collected in the lab and in the field by study participants, and data collected in the laboratory in experimental drug administration sessions.

Major responsibilities of the student research assistant (RA) involve: 

  • Participant recruitment: RA will monitor recruitment of adult alcohol and cannabis users from the community. This involves posting advertisements online and flyers around the community, fielding contact attempts from interested participants, managing screening for eligibility, and scheduling participants.
  • Data management: RA will conduct regular tracking and processing of data from ecological momentary assessment (EMA) surveys and Qualtrics surveys completed in the field to ensure compliance with all protocols.
  • Participant follow-up: RA will correspond with participants regularly regarding compliance, scheduling, reminders, fielding questions, and meeting participants for brief visits to the laboratory at CAAS for sample pick-up and drop-offs.
  • Fund custodian: RA will track compliance and determine payments.
  • Screening: RA will conduct telephone screening of participants to determine initial eligibility.
  • Assist in other study-related tasks as needed.

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