CDC Bioinformatics Fellowship

  • Full-Time Job
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 06/19/2023

Website CDCgov Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Research Project: The selected participant will be part of the Applied Research Team (ART) within DTBE/LB.  ART focuses on applied research directly related to molecular epidemiology, drug resistance, immunology, and host-directed therapies.  ART also manages data sharing and analysis of whole genome sequencing data of Mycobacterium tuberculosis generated at the National Tuberculosis Molecular Surveillance Center.  This information is used for national surveillance to detect possible outbreaks, transmission networks and drug resistance.

Learning Objectives: The participant will be mentored and trained in data management and analysis for several projects involving data analysis and visualization of large data sets related to drug resistance, surveillance and host-directed therapeutics.  The participant will also receive training in the development and evaluation of new and existing bioinformatic tools for the analysis of large data sets, development of tools for data visualization, and development of methods for sharing data and bioinformatic tools with external partners.

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