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Job Summary

This position is located at the Department of Health, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB administration (HAHSTA), STD &TB Division. The mission of HAHSTA is optimizing health, wellness and lifelong success through innovation for people living with or at risk of HIV, hepatitis, STDs and TB.  Activities led by HAHSTA ensure prevention, testing, care, treatment, and support services for people living with or at risk of HIV, STDs, viral hepatitis and TB.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

This position will focus on HAHSTA’s aims to reduce new HIV and STDs incidence and improve HIV and STD care and treatment. The incumbent interviews diagnosed persons with STDs, HIV, and TB specifically but not limited to syphilis, HIV, Gonorrhea interviews; provides health education and risk reduction counseling, including behavioral health; elicits partners of diagnosed persons; communicates with medical and community providers; educates lay groups in prevention and control strategies; and links persons to care and treatment.

The incumbent participates in re-engagement activities for persons identified as out-of-care or having a non suppressed viral load, including contact activities (e.g., electronic and in-person) and navigates individuals to medical homes. The incumbent aids high risk HIV negative individuals with linkage to PrEP services. Identifies, assesses, and provides support to people living with HIV using evidence-based case management interventions to link and/or re-engage them in medical care and support services. The incumbent contributes to evaluation efforts through data collection and monitoring utilizing multiple computer-based data systems.

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