Maternal Health Program Manager

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The Maternal Mental Health Program Manager will manage maternal mental health programs in the Office of Women’s Health. Mental health conditions are now a leading cause of pregnancy-related death, and a dedicated position is required to manage the three mental health programs and related vendors and contracts. This position requires a background in counseling or social work to be able to provide technical assistance to vendors on program implementation. This program will also support the Maternal Mortality Review Committee and conduct interviews with informants to utilize clinical skills to manage grief that arises during interviews.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide strategic direction for the maternal mental health program activities, budgets, and program evaluation
  • Supervise program coordinator for maternal mental health
  • Develop maternal mental health budget and monitor budget throughout state and federal fiscal years
  • Manage multiple vendors and provide subject matter expertise and technical assistance on maternal mental health program implementation
  • Develop and monitor performance measures to demonstrate maternal mental health program impact
  • Write grants for maternal mental health program funding
  • Develop and oversee informant interview process for the Maternal Mortality Review Committee
  • Interview informants utilizing clinical skills and provide informants with linkages to resources
  • Abstract mental health related cases for the Maternal Mortality Review Committee and present cases to committee members using effective communication methods
  • Collaborate with abstractors to incorporate informant interviews into case summaries
  • Participate in strategic planning to ensure that mental health related deaths are reviewed in accordance with best practices

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