State Trauma System Coordinator

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Job Responsibilities:

Serves as the Coordinator of the Trauma Program within the Office of EMS and Trauma, including the supervision and management of any trauma designations issued by The Department of Public Health. This individual will provide an annual report to the Commissioner of Public Health that can be shared with policy makers who are interested in the continuous quality improvement of trauma care in Georgia. Design and oversight of the trauma program for the State of Georgia. This includes but not limited to trauma center designations, redesignations, and compliance of currently designated centers. Oversight of trauma registry and trauma data submitted by trauma centers. Recruitment of new centers and resource for multiple agencies including EMS, hospitals, public and private agencies, and general public. Liaison for Trauma and EMS related issues to state agencies. DPH representative to the Trauma Care Network Commission. Participates in State and national trauma organizations.

  • Develop, publish, and maintain key performance measures for designated trauma centers and EMS providers.
  • In conjunction with Trauma Epidemiologists, prepares a Trauma Annual Report for the Commissioner of Public Health that provides a detailed assessment of trauma care within Georgia for each year.
  • Develop, publish, and maintain the EMS Trauma protocols for Georgia.
  • Oversees continued development and management of the Trauma Care Center network in Georgia.
  • Attends various stakeholder meetings and provides information, guidance, and consultation to stakeholder groups regarding trauma care in Georgia.
  • In collaboration with various stakeholder groups, develop, publish, and maintain designation and re-designation criteria/documents for Trauma Care Centers.
  • Serve on designation and re-designation site visits for Trauma Centers.
  • Collaborate with other systems of care in Georgia (stroke system, emergency cardiac care system, pediatric readiness).
  • Collaborate with various national groups on data definitions, data quality, and data integration between EMS and systems of care.
  • Position may require occasional travel, including overnight travel.

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