Advocacy Associate, Coalition Building

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The Advocacy Associate will execute key aspects of Partners In Health’s (PIH) advocacy strategy.  They will support the growth of health and economic justice coalitions, develop and deliverhigh-quality advocacy tactics with the legislative branch of the U.S. Government and global actors, and perform policy analysis and related work – including informing legislative text, policy papers, advocacy materials and policy recommendations – to influence policy and decision-makers. This role, specifically, will focus on furthering the Paul Farmer Memorial Resolution as part of PIH’s strategy to institutionalize the legacy of our co-founder, Dr. Paul Farmer. Paul revolutionized fields as diverse as anthropology, social medicine, activism, social justice, and global health in general. This work contributes to PIH’s mandate to inspire present and future generations to follow in Paul’s steps, join the movement and build on his thinking in all of these spaces.

The Advocacy Associate will have experience and skills in coalition building and relationship management with partner organizations, policy analysis, community organizing, and communicating evidence to decision-makers. They will understand the importance of data as the foundation of sound policies, and will be able to develop advocacy campaign strategies and materials that compellingly integrate evidence on complex concepts in accessible formats and messages.



  • Coalition building and relationship management; support the growth of coalitions for specific advocacy campaigns to advance health equity and economic justice;
  • Support coalition processes by organizing knowledge management systems, guiding the publication process, and supporting the advocacy team in tracking progress toward goals;
  • Provide input and execute on PIH’s advocacy strategy to advance the goals of the Paul Farmer Memorial Resolution;
  • Conduct analysis to inform the strategic direction of PIH’s policy and advocacy work;
  • Conduct outreach, as directed, to U.S. government officials, legislative bodies, and other key policy partners;
  • Coordinate the research, writing, editing, and publishing of policy papers, policy briefs, policy recommendations, advocacy materials, reports and articles, and internal messaging through collaboration across the organization for US and global health policy efforts;
  • Liaise with members of PIH’s Marketing and Communications team

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