Senior Project Manager, Long COVID Surveillance

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Program Description:

The New York City Health Department works every day to protect and promote the health of more than 8.5 million diverse New Yorkers. This includes centering health equity and racial justice in all the work the Agency does. To support this mission, the Bureau of Epidemiology Services (BES), housed within the Division of Epidemiology, conducts systematic data collection and monitoring, rigorous analysis, and effective data communication. BES seeks to provide accurate and timely public health data to inform decision-making, to optimize data use, and to ensure accurate analysis of health data. The Bureau is responsible for developing, collecting and facilitating the use of population-based surveillance survey data and other data sources; and providing support to DOHMH in study design, questionnaire development, and survey weighting. The Bureau of Epidemiology Services Surveys and Data Analysis Unit is responsible for providing rapid response to data requests from other Bureaus, the Commissioner of Health, and external users to help shape programs and policies around the city. As a part of its work to achieve these goals, BES is supporting cross-divisional efforts to collect data on long COVID and other long-term health effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in NYC.

Summary of the Position:

DOHMH has an opening for a Senior Project Manager for Long COVID Surveillance. This position will report to the co-Principal Investigator of the Healthy NYC panel in the Bureau of Epidemiology Services (BES), and will oversee the development and implementation of a longitudinal cohort study investigating the burden of long COVID in NYC.

Specifically, Senior Project Manager, Long COVID Surveillance will:

  • Oversees surveillance of post-COVID conditions (including clinical, social, economic) activities within BES including development of research agendas, project planning, etc.
  • Serves as Principal Investigator of Long COVID Cohort, a group of about 10,000 people that we intend to recruit and follow over time.
  • Supervise two Data Analysts to provide methodological support, ensure high quality analytic work, and maintain SQL database.
  • Supervise Community Engagement Coordinator to support the development of collaborative relationships with advocacy groups, academic institutions, other government organizations and additional stakeholders.
  • Leads design of overall cohort and of individual surveys.
  • Liaises with internal and external collaborators including research groups (academic and patient-led) and advocacy groups.
  • Represents NYC DOHMH on working groups, panels, and other external engagement activities around long COVID.
  • Promotes staff development.
  • Promotes health equity.

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