Data Scientist Intern

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During your summer at S&P Global you’ll have the chance to partner with our industry experts, with on-the-job experience focusing on high impact work that allows you to apply and develop your skills. Networking, business insights and tailored learning opportunities all support your growth and development, setting you up for success as you begin your career.

The Summer 2023 Internship Program will provide you with a variety of experiences to help you identify your strengths, develop highly transferable skills, and align you to a successful career path for a bright future at S&P Global.


You will join a dynamic team that solves diverse problems using, applied machine learning in finance with an end-to-end implementation of the solution: inception, prototyping, development, production, and GTM/selling/positioning. Specifically, you will be responsible to:

  • Create prototypes in a cloud environment.Mainly in Python and R with a distributed computing infrastructure for example Spark/Scala.
  • Utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) and alternative data sets to refine raw data for credit and risk management use cases.
  • Inventory existing data sets to understand how it could impact credit and risk management.
  • Evaluate and interpret results to present to the team.

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