EPA Fellowship to Research, Analyze, and Apply Environmental Data to Address Health and Environmental Justice

  • Fellowship
  • Chicago, IL
  • 04/03/2023

Website EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The participant will research and analyze environmental data to locate potential underserved communities. The findings will then be presented (by the participant) to EPA scientists and managers for potential utilization. The participant will then identify community representatives to engage for environmental justice outreach and education and will actually collaborate with representatives to identify and address community needs to reduce exposures to lead-based paint and pesticides. By identifying these underserved communities, EPA, including the participant, can then collaborate with the communities to potentially reduce exposures to lead-based paint. In doing so, will help fulfill EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment. The participant may also support quality assurance activities to ensure that data is accurate; lead renovation and abatement research; and children’s health and healthy homes efforts.

To apply for this job please visit www.zintellect.com.