Charleston VA Health Service Research Fellow

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The Mission of the Charleston HSR fellowship is to recruit and train future health services researchers and innovators specially equipped for operations-partnered research and evaluation to improve access to and equity in health and healthcare for all Veterans.

The program aims to develop the next generation of health system scientists who will pioneer advancements in Veteran care through innovative research—specifically to make health services more accessible and equitable for Veterans of marginalized and rural groups. This two-year post-doctoral training program accepts clinician and non-clinician scientists for a rigorous fellowship centered around expanding care for targeted veteran populations and tackling disparities in health services. Fellows in the program will develop independent research projects, collaborate with interprofessional teams, engage in tailored clinical appointments, receive specialized health services training, and take on leadership roles with support from an experienced team of mentors. The close partnership between the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) means that members have access to a wealth of resources not just from a Level 1A VAMC but also the state’s top hospital.

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