Project Manager, Population Science

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This position is responsible for management of day-to-day workings, projects, and initiatives of the Population Science Department’s partnership with the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University. The partnership consists of several activities, including the establishment of a collaborative research infrastructure, development of core pathology and bioinformatics partnerships, management of jointly funded post-doctoral trainees, and management of ten grant-funded pilot projects. The Project Manager will be responsible for managing coordination with Winship and other stakeholders to achieve the goals of the ACS-Winship partnership. The Project Manager based at ACS will work closely with the ACS scientific team and the corresponding Project Manager at Winship Cancer Institute to ensure strong and continual communication, as well as timely execution of proposed project deliverables. The ACS Project Manager, in conjunction with the Winship Project Manager and the scientific oversight committee, will be responsible for the project’s ongoing evaluation and tracking the deliverables and success of the project.

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